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Envision A Smile Cosmetic Imaging Simulation

The patient will instantly envision the outcome of your treatment plan.

Print glossy photographs to include in your case presentation folder for your patient to share with family and friends.

By sending the images to your laboratory with the other case materials, you increase the technician's understanding of what you are asking for. A picture is worth a thousand words! Increase the predictability of outcome by designing the case and providing a roadmap for your ceramist. No more remakes!

computer simulation

What people are saying

"Envision A Smile is a very useful lab communication tool. We wish every doctor would use it! It gives us an absolute road map of what the doctor is looking for in aesthetics."

HakJoo Savercool
San Diego Aesthetic Dental Studio
San Diego, CA

"When we receive an Envision A Smile imaged photograph with a case, we know exactly what the doctor wants! It is an incomparable communication tool...a picture says it all!"

Adrian Jurim, MDT
Jurim Dental Studio
Great Neck, NY