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Jump Start Your Case Acceptance!

Jump Start Your Case Acceptance!

  • Imaged Photos will be emailed back to you within 3 business days
  • All 3 views included
  • Reviewed by an AACD/BACD accredited Dentist to assure anatomical correctness

Purchasing Envision A Smile is best for you if you regularly see more than one cosmetic consultation per week:

  • Delegate the imaging to a staff member
  • You have more artistic input on the imaged views
  • Faster turn-around (as little as 15 minutes!)

Using Envision A Smile's Imaging Service is best for you if you see only a few cosmetic consultations per month:

  • Costs as little as $79 per patient
  • 72 hour turn-around time
  • No staff resources required

Click Here for photography guidelines.

Click Here or a sample of the print-ready output.